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Change canvas background color

It’d be awesome if I could change the BG color of the entire work area because mostly my team’s UI uses white. Pretty please? :heart_eyes:


You can do this, just make sure you have nothing selected and change the ‘Background’ colour on the right-hand sidebar.

Edit: didn’t realize this was re: FigJam, ignore :slight_smile:

Can we have an option to change the background color or add a frame option? When importing frames that are white the frame is mixing up with the background.

When we insert an app frame (with a white background) into Jam (white), at scale, our design becomes indistinguishable due to the white background of the board itself, and this cannot be changed.
Please add Background color setting to the FigJam board.


I would like the capability to change the background color in FigJam. I normally use Miro, and am accustomed to a gray background. I use Miro for design reviews with clients and team members.

+1. Also, this may help if you try to do design critiques for dark-themed screens

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Hey everyone! Make sure to click the Vote button at the top of the post to count your vote in :arrow_double_up: . Thanks!

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Agree - I was trying to get around this issue, by adding in a dropshadow to my screenshots, or allowing add a border around images, Neither which I think is possible. But main issue is that the image blends into the background. This could also happen if the background was dark, and I was taking screenshots of a dark interface… trying not to solutionize :wink:

+1 for this!

Workaround is copy/pasting a filled shape, send to back, and then locking it


Yes please, my eyes are burning with all the white

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Will be nice to get a black (or at least darker then gray) color option for all the created objects like notes and shapes and for the main background as well

I’ve attach my design file from design file to figjam. My design screen is white and I wish I can change the figjam background to make it contrast with my design.

Added possibility to change the background color, currently white for other cores.

Yeah, I’d like this feature as well. I’m using figjam for an initial product assessment and am using a lot of screenshots which show up as white on the white dotted background. It’s readable, but having some background/foreground contrast would be helpful.

As we all know figma desktop has no dark theme support but there is still option to change the background color in a file.

But FigJam has no feature like this one.
So please give background color change option in Jam.

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To Figma team developer I want a feature for the Figjam file ( drawing feature ) I want the feature to change the background to dark color because when I drawing something at night if Figjam has this feature dark color its will so good for my eyes.

Thank you for Figjam I love it so much ! :pray: :heart: