Canvas stacking: mid on top + custom on top

Hey everyone,

since the announcement of the new Canvas stacking feature I wondered if additional options will be added in the future.

As of now we’re limited to either “First on top” or “Last on top”.
What if you want something like “Mid on top” when stacking elements in uneven numbers like 3, 5 etc? What if you stack at least 4 elements and just want the second item on top?

This would be really useful for something like a pricing table or image carousel.
Of course that could be designed without using Auto Layout but maybe this can be somehow incorporated.

What is your opinion on this?

The only way is to wrap it like this


Ohhhhhhh, yes of course! :exploding_head:
So simply including a nested Auto Layout frame for custom reordering solves it pretty easily. Only minor downside is you have to adjust the negative spacing in two frames then.

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