Cannot click-drag an object above a locked, selected layer

If you try to click-drag an object which is above a locked, selected object, it doesn’t work (on the first attempt).

Example scenario:

  • You have a lot of stickies on top of a large coloured background, which is locked to prevent it from being accidentally moved.
  • But if you click on what you think is the background, but is actually a locked object, your click selects the background. You probably don’t realise you selected it as it is larger than the screen.
  • If you then attempt to click-drag one of the stickies, it doesn’t work. It only works on the second attempt. (As the first click unselects the background.)

This makes FigJam feel buggy and unpredictable.

Solution: click-dragging an object above a locked background object should both unselect the background and move the object.

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