Can we move the Figma Annotations (in dev mode) from one Figma project to another?

I am trying to use the new annotation tool in Dev Mode. I have 2 questions:

  1. I have made annotations on a frame in a Figma project. When I move this frame to another project, the annotations do not move. Is there a way to move the annotations too?

  2. During annotating frames, is it possible to annotate multiple components/frames together?


Hi @Arjun_Kumar1! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve been exploring this internally to see if there’s any assistance we can provide for you. I’ll keep you posted once I have any updates.


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Hey @Arjun_Kumar1, Thanks for your patience!
I’ve been exploring options on our end to find a solution for both, but unfortunately, it seems not possible at the moment.

The good news is that we’re already aware and actively working to support copying annotations when a frame is duplicated.
To stay updated on all the latest features in Figma, keep an eye on our:
Release Notes:
Blog: Figma Blog | Shortcut

On the bright side, we see this as a valuable feature request! I’ve passed on your feedback to our internal team for future reference, and I’ve also moved this topic to share an idea for votes!

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Yes I would like to also support that request. It would really help when moving a file from a Work in progress page to the actual “source of truth” file our company uses.

Would like to also push for being able to annotate frames that contain sections.

Thank you!


Hi @Junko3 — Does this include copying Annotations when a frame is copied to another file? That would be critical for my organization’s planned workflow.


My design team is working on a large project that we had to break into multiple Figma files because of memory usage. Our plan is to have one file serve as our component library, shared across the other files, as well as our developer handoff file, where we house annotated designs ready to be built.

The problem is that we want to annotate (using the native Annotation tool just introduced in Dev Mode) in our individual files for client review, and then copy/paste them into the dev handoff file when they’re approved — and Annotations aren’t being copied over with the frames.

It would be extremely helpful if Annotations could be retained when copying frames to other files.


Hi @Ryan_Hannebaum1, I would love to share more information with you, but I currently I don’t have details on your concern. So please keep an eye on the release note!
However, rest assured, this topic has already been shared internally. Therefore, I have merged your other post with this one to gather all the feedback in one place.
Thank you for your understanding!

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Would also be helpful to have the ability to simply copy/paste the text of the annotations for those with only Dev Mode access. Would also be helpful to have a “feed” of all the annotations, similar to how Comments is structured in design.

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