Can we move the Figma Annotations (in dev mode) from one Figma project to another?

I am trying to use the new annotation tool in Dev Mode. I have 2 questions:

  1. I have made annotations on a frame in a Figma project. When I move this frame to another project, the annotations do not move. Is there a way to move the annotations too?

  2. During annotating frames, is it possible to annotate multiple components/frames together?

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Hi @Arjun_Kumar1! Thanks for reaching out! I’ve been exploring this internally to see if there’s any assistance we can provide for you. I’ll keep you posted once I have any updates.


Hey @Arjun_Kumar1, Thanks for your patience!
I’ve been exploring options on our end to find a solution for both, but unfortunately, it seems not possible at the moment.

The good news is that we’re already aware and actively working to support copying annotations when a frame is duplicated.
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On the bright side, we see this as a valuable feature request! I’ve passed on your feedback to our internal team for future reference, and I’ve also moved this topic to share an idea for votes!

Thank you,