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Call up plugins in a quicker menu system on the right sidebar like Adobe

Currently, you can only have 1 plugin at a time. Having the ability to access multiple plugins like Unsplash, Content Reel, etc… would make it so much quicker when filling in dummy content or about a million other tasks.

I would imagine the same type of system that Adobe integrates makes the most sense. This way you could expand/collapse plugins from the right sidebar by clicking on their icon.

They could anchor like seen below.

Are there any major reasons why this is not a part of the current software?

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Because this will clutter up the otherwise clean looking interface, but quick plugin access is a must-have if you are a power user.

Probably try assigning shortcuts to your most used plugins, and before soon, you’ll find the most graceful way to navigate between plugins :smiley:

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I understand the clutter issue. But if you look at Adobe’s system they have multiple collapse states for the toolbar items to efficiently clean that part up. Any single plugin could live under a square icon next to the main right sidebar. It could just expand/collapse with a click to clean up the interface. This would serve more as a hide/show vs a close so that the plugin is still in the current state you leave it in.

The issue with just pushing it to call up the plugins with shortcuts is they pull their open state every time they start up which is not efficient. Take the unsplash plugin for instance… Open plugin > click on the search icon > click on search field > type query > wait for query to load > click photo.

It’s way too many steps and the only reason it is closed is because I needed to access another plugin (ex: contrast checker or a dummy content section tool)

The keyboard shortcuts solution is how I am currently using it, but this seems like a reasonable concept.