Bulk Replace Master Components

Hi, is there a way to replace a component in a team library (many instances in other files) without reconnecting the instances? I have 400 refurbished icon components, same size/names as the the original master. I know I can paste the new layers of the refurbished component to the master, but it’s tedious work. Is there some kind of hack or plugin or automation tool?

You can move old icons to a separate file (cut/paste/publish). It would keep the connection with original icons.

Then swap old icon library with new one. Once it is done you can move new icons back to your master file.

UPD. Seems like I get it wrong. I assume your icons in a separate library file, they are not a part of bigger design library?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, the icons part of an asset library. Those assets are connected to other libraries and files. The swap doesn’t change the fact that I have to reconnect all instances. Instances are tied to the unique ID of the component. And that’s my problem right now.

Hey Niki, I’m dealing with a similar issue here. Were you able to find a solution that didn’t involve either redoing all of the work to the master components or reconnecting all instances?