Bug: interaction hotspots trigger below fixed elements

This is a smart workaround, but this definitely shouldn’t have to be done just to have a fixed menu… And it doesn’t work if you want to have transparency in your menu.

I keep experiencing the same problem.

Still looking for a fix to this too. Not sure how this hasn’t been patched yet.

Same problem.

Oh my goodness, same!

same problem here, bump!

Hello there, Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
We want to assure you that this issue has been escalated internally and our product team is already aware of it. While we cannot make any promises, please know that we are actively considering it. We use votes to gauge interest from the community and prioritize. Feel free to Vote up!

We also appreciate those of you who have already shared workarounds! If you have any more creative solutions for specific cases, we encourage you to share them. Your input is greatly valued.


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Figma Workaround.
I have never heard this term associated with any other program as often as Figma.
Figma should produce their own “workaround encyclopedia”
Maybe title it “We are sorry to have wasted your time” but this is how you fix what doesnt work as it supposed to.

that worked, thank you!

I understand product deveoplment is huge especially now with AI
I really think FIGMA needs to test and fix what it has currently.

_ these little “workarounds” are needed far to often.

your workaround can work with a bottom navigation bar. Nonetheless, not with
sticky menus and fixed headers are not possible…

the collective waste of time for all users is measured in decades.
why hasnt Figma fixed this yet???

Annoying in deed… As I had to create a custom clickable backdrop as a Workaround… now I need a workaround to make my workaround working… arfff…

How do we vote for this issue? Just commenting that it’s still happening?

2024 and still happening. Had this issue while doing some usability tests and had to dismiss lots of findings, client feedbacks and reschedule the whole thing :frowning: