Prototype link interaction NOT mimic normal browser behavior

I am working on a web site prototype which we are allowing users to evaluate. Figma does not mimic normal browser behavior which will cause confusion during testing. Links on the page content area are still clickable even if the sub-menu overlays them. In the prototype link below, mouse-over the “Find Data” item… the links in the left menu are still clickable even though the menu is covering them.

Is this a bug? Shouldn’t links that are below a layer NOT be clickable?

When a button or link has other layers on top of it, essentially hiding it from view, any on-click interactions assigned to it still work. It seems like Figma will bubble down the layers and trigger the interaction, even though the button is not visible.

Is there any way to prevent interactions from triggering, if the button/link is covered by another layer? Basically, the same way it works in real-world web design, where a link wont work if it has another element on top of it.

How do you have it such that interactive components are not clickable when there is something else on top/in front of them? ie in a mobile slide out menu i can still interact with components from the blurred out home page

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