[Bug] Figma prototype UI obscuring fixed website header

I lost respect for them personally as this was by far the most absurd example of not giving a crap. It’s something that:
a) impacts a very common usecase for their product
b) causes serious issues within the context of that usecase (non-tech-savvy clients are experiencing this)
c) should’ve never came up as an issue in the first place, which implies poor design decisions and/or QA
d) then they just ignore it for a year after being reported, while at the same time the fix for it is trivial, both in terms of design and technical complexity

This sort of crap is the exact same reason we dumped Sketch two years ago, so now I’m just disappointed by the idea that soon enough, Figma might be riddled with pointless QA issues…

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This is a deal-breaker for using prototypes with clients. I need the sidebar visible so that clients can access the different tasks of the user testing easily, therefor hiding the UI is not an option. Please fix this simple issue.

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Same problem here! :raising_hand_man:t4: I’ve been working since 2015 and didn’t realize how annoying this could be. Come on Figma fam I think we could have a better solution.
BTW I just found that you can share the prototype link without the UI by adding “&hide-ui=1”

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How has this not been fixed yet?! All we are asking it to adding some padding or margin to one element of the preview!

Currently having to send 4 separate links out to a client, so they can see without the header obscuring, when I could just send one and let them navigate through them themselves.

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Echoing everyone else’s frustrations.

We can’t expect a client (who probably is unfamiliar with the platform or non-technical in general) to be able to navigate to the Figma UI view if I send a link suppressing that, and I guarantee I’ll get complaints that they can’t get around or the nav missing.

The simplest solution is just to ensure the designs always rest below the Figma UI

Agreed. We shouldn’t have to adjust our design to accommodate for this design flaw. Suggest making the default view without this UI obstruction and still allowing for client to comment within the same view.

Again, this is a problem but turning off the Figma UI hides the Prototype starting points list on the left side which is a feature I love…


Figma, please fix this bug. It’s causing problems for the normal user. We as designers know how to turn this off. But for new users, it’s not super-friendly.

This is causing all kinds of issues in sharing the designs. Please fix this. No need for a transparent overlay, we need integrity of design on screen.

found a solution for it.
just untick “show figma ui” in options dropdown.

Why it’s still not fixed? It’s super easy to solve without having to hide UI (Because that way I lose access to important features in the prototype view). The prototype should always start below the Figma header. What’s the point of overlapping Figma UI over my prototype?

Please fix this. It’s unbelievably frustrating

bump, incredibly pathetic how this issue hasn’t been solved after almost an entire year now. almost laughable really, just don’t make it an overlay for crying out loud… you’d think someone on their design team actually thought about this stuff… :thinking:

Please fix this incredibly silly UI/UX decision…