Bug Auto Layout and components overflowing containers

Anyone else having this bug, where things you paste, or randomly-based, overflow the container?
Every time y paste things auto layout seems to behave the worst way possible.
And as soon as you double click the component or break it, it gets fixed.

Se Video for reference pliz :link:


Hi! Auto-layout has been very broken for a while now. The symptom I see most often is “fill container” not filling container, and I’ve seen three things that cause it, though not every time:

  1. changing auto-layout direction from vertical to horizontal or vice-versa
  2. changing a component instance to a different variant
  3. accepting updates from a library change (for component instances with auto-layout)

The third is by far the worst, as it can essentially break any instance’s auto-layout anywhere on the page. I’m forever finding broken auto-layouts. If it’s in an instance, usually double clicking on the offending layer fixes it. If it’s not an instance, you need to select the broken layer, change it to Hug or Fixed, then reset it to Fill.

The Figma folks are surely aware of this bug. It’s impossible to use auto-layout on a regular basis and not see this happen.

I wrote a script (to run in the Scripter plugin) that fixes this (at least temporarily) for all objects on a page or in the current selection. I run it before presenting any design.


I’m having the same issue, it’s super frustating and it also breaks when you update any component inside that parent component. I’ve seen it occurs mostly with text elements with “fill-container” value
I hope they fix it soon, it’s impossible to work fast with this issue.

note: to avoid double clicking on the components try cmd+click on the text that’s causing the overflow.

Same problem, and every day got more and more objects broken :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. First results of Adobe buy Figma? :joy:


Figma still ruins filled objects. Thanks to @JosephxBrick for the script.

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@Figma_Support I’m gonna report every day till this bug would be fixed. Bug is extremely annoying, so why I can’t be so? :joy:


Bumping this.

My entire team has been running into this bug a lot. It also appears in Prototype view which makes user testing a pain.

For some reason you just need to select the object that is broken to fix (as shown in the loom video)

An easy fix is to just select all the elements with a page and hit “enter” as many times as needed to get to the bottom-most component. That should fix all the fill wonkiness within the page for a little bit.

Has anyone heard anything new regarding this bug? It’s extremely frustrating! There are also other components with ‘fill container’ that turns into ‘fixed’ when used elsewhere. Here the double click-thing doesn’t work at all, no matter how many things I try. These bugs make it really hard to use and develop the system that I’m currently working on.

Seems like figma went radio-silence on this

@Figma_Support a status update on this would be highly appreciated! <3

if you guys can report the bug on figma, I did, here is how https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041468234-Submit-a-bug-report

Quick fix that is working for us ATM, grab all those screens (frames) that are causing troubles.
1 - Hit command + X
2 - Hit command + V
3 - command + Z (until you revert the pasting and cropping)
Last step is to prevent you from loosing prototype connections, or frame links losses

In my case I grabbed all the sections (Shift + S ones) and cropped. them with the same technique detailed above ^

@Figma_Support This is a very frustrating bug, please for the love of everything, find a fix for this. Every time I publish a library that’s being used by dozens of designers across different teams, I stress the heck out as it gives me 0 confidence that my update won’t cause breaking changes.

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@Figma_Support, bug is still there, omg, almost 4 months of pain

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@Figma_Support I’m also running into this problem pretty regularly. Could this group please get some acknowledgement that the issue is being noted by Figma? I understand it may take time to fix and there are likely other priorities. Just acknowledgement that it’s been noted would be great, thanks! :pray:

It’s crazy to think that this is an industry standard piece of software, and yet there’s not even a reply. And it’s not just here. I’ve seen similar threads on it. No reply.

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I’m still having this problem - has there been any work arounds yet? pills are breaking in client presentations… not good

Bug is still alive @Figma_Support , guys, please, do something

@Figma_Support, bug is STILL there

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Bug is still here! What is the priority in the backlog to fix this issue?

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