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Branching permissions

This is what it states in the branching docs about permissions:

Who can create branches:
Only people with an [editor role]in the organization can access the branching feature.
Anyone with can view access to the main file can create branches .
Anyone with can edit access to the main file can create and edit branches .

We have people that have an editor role in the organization and can view access to certain files, but don’t have access to the branching feature within those files. Am I reading this wrong? Shouldn’t these people be able to create a branch, but not merge the branch?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the report. What you described is definitely how it should work. Can you reply here or DM me some more details, including the URL of the file and the email address of a user who isn’t able to access the branching feature? I’ll bring those details to the team and we can investigate why the user doesn’t have the ability to create branches.


  • R.J.

I am having the same issue. and I am an admin role as well as editor in my files.

UPDATE: Went to “Check for updates”, then selected “Reload all tabs” and this new branching feature is now available.