Boolean variable binding removed in component

I made a boolean variable that checks if number value is one, and if it is then button should change state (default - disabled). The instance of this button is bound thith that boolean variable, but only if it stays NOT nested within another component.

I wanted to use that interaction in quite complicated “frame scenery” - heavily nested itself, so I got pretty frustrated that I cannot use it at all.

Is it some development bug or did I do something wrong? Maybe you could suggest a way around it if it was my fault indeed?

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Same problem for me, i’m experiencing some issues with variable binding as I cannot bind a variable unless it’s an instance, it will be super beneficial if I can bind in the master component so I don’t need to bind each time I’m using that component…

also I noticed that binding isn’t stable when it comes to string type, i make sure i bind a variable then when i go back it’s not there…

hope Figma respond about it and I’m. sure they are receiving a lot of feedback as this is the beta version so I’m expecting a future update.

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Figma doesn’t support this yet!

Variables can only be applied to top-level instances, and are not available for nested variant instances

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