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Blur to CSS

Good day. I think I found a bug in the Figma editor. The styles that it generates do not work correctly in the browser. Can anyone please help me?

Do you have a link to the code for inspection?

Yep. Use it:
position: absolute;
width: 80px;
height: 80px;
right: 0px;
bottom: 0px;
background: rgba(21, 27, 30, 0.25);
filter: blur(80px);
backdrop-filter: blur(16px);

Figma promises that such an element will create a soft and smooth blur and darkening of the background that is under it. The browser creates a hard lens with sharp edges.

Sorry Vladimir I didn’t see this earlier, will take a look later if I get time.

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Can you help me? I have been looking for a solution for several months