Better font picker and Typekit integration

The font picker in Figma is really basic and hasn’t had any updates in a while. I feel like the product team should focus more on this.

Of course there are plugins like Better front picker (which is better, but not really that good). But a native font picker is something I for one am desperately needing.

In Creative Cloud, if you want Typekit fonts available to non-Adobe apps you have to manually re-sync each font. Needless to say that the experience of doing that in CreativeCloud is horrible. The problem is that you have to go in there, search endlessly for your font (no search or sorting in CC), activate it for non-Adobe apps, then go and restart Figma and hope it loads. Any product manager would have to agree with me that this is an abysmal experience.

Hoping to get some updates on this. Heck, I’d know how to design this.
Please, if someone solves in-app font organization, let it be Figma.

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