Backwards Autolayout and issues with prototypes

Has anyone experienced a weird bug where the autolayout align commands appear backwards to the expected result? I.e when I try to left align an autolayout it right aligns it instead. Also having issues with prototype previews within the same file. Wondering if it is a corrupt file or if others are having similar issues.

They are not. It happens even when creating a net-new autolayout within this file.

Could you share a link to this file?

Unfortunately it is for work and the file contains sensitive info that can’t be shared.

Hey @Elizabeth9 are you able to reproduce this in a separate file by chance?

@Elizabeth9 are you sure that the Rotation value is set to 0? It’s easy to recreate your scenario when the auto layout has a mirrored rotation set to it? You can still place objects in with the correct orientation, even when a parent is rotated.

Check my demo image here:

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You are correct. This was causing the issue with the prototype preview as well. Thank you!

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Thanks @David for jumping in to help! @Elizabeth9 glad this was an easy fix for you! :slight_smile: