Auto Layout Issue

I will try my best to explain this weird behaviour of Figma am facing for the last few weeks.

Assume three objects within an Auto Layout settings, with the horizontal gap set as Auto. Now initially, when you hide two objects, the third one moves to the centre. But now after recent updates, the third one moves to the left. I have recorded a video showcasing this case. Attaching it along. Please check it out.

Here there are three circles, red, green and blue. Now when I hide the red and the blue circle, the green circle should be at the centre, rather than moving towards the left side. Both elements have the same settings. No absolute positions were checked on. I have cross-checked everything. Both elements are ditto the same.

I have reinstalled, cleared the temp files, and updated every driver. Couldn’t solve the issue. Has anyone come across this issue and solved it? If so please help me out here.

This is the Figma file. You can try it out yourself.

Current version:
Figma - 116.11.1
Windows - Win 10 Pro | 22H2 | 19045.3208

Note that when two frames are selected, the alignment box does not show the exact alignment. Figma for some reason thinks that the gap settings are different. To fix this, select 2 auto layout frames, and in the gap settings, select “Auto” again. I also suggest that you submit a bug report to the support team.

The green circle should move to the centre, isn’t that the fix? But when I select “Auto” again by selecting the two auto layout frames, the green circle moves to the left, in both frames. I have already submitted this as a bug to Figma.

In my belief, the green circle should move to the centre. How is it working with your Figma app? Does it go to the centre or to the left?

At first it worked as I described above, but now it doesn’t. But there is another fix: click on the alignment box to set it to any value, and then double-click on that box to set it to “Auto”.

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That worked :star_struck:. Thank you very much :handshake:.

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