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Applying text styles is slow

I always get annoyed for the time Figma takes to apply the selected text styles. It’s taking approximately a second time.

These are the little things that build up or collapse a great product experience.

Do you guys also experiencing the same ?


I have the same issue, not only with text styles, but with all styles. Since this is a bug, it’s better to reach out to Figma support team directly regarding this issue via or the support request form.

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We have bug that makes it impossible to use components and styles.

We have a big delay(like 10 seconds) when we changing components and color/font styles.
It’s happening for almost a month. Any idea how we can fix that?

Yea, with all the styles and components.

I already did

Same happening to me. Any fix yet?

No, it seems to be happening to a limited amount of people so you need to let the support team know about it if you are experiencing this too.

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I’m still waiting for answer from support. It’s been 6 days since I asked them

Hi, I have the same issues. Especially with text styles and colors from any connected library. Not as long as in the example but a significant delay. I’ve checked also the Figma Beta. Same issues.

Report it to support if you haven’t yet.

There seems to have been some change to the way shared library styles work.

I notice for the last 2-3 weeks that library color styles have become very laggy. There is a noticeable delay between click on color swatch and applying the color.
I’ve tested this both on my Windows machine (10 20H2, Nvidia 1060 + Intel Integrated driver, i7 Processor, 16GB RAM) and on my MBP2018 with exactly the same result.

The problem is not present with local colors, only with library colors.

The problem exists both with personal and company account.
The problem persists after reinstall.
The problem present both over normal network connection and over VPN.
The problem persists even with newly created library and with library shared from other account.

Anyone having similar problems?

Thanks, Gleb,

I did fill a support request form. I don’t think it gave me back any ticket number - just nicely thanked me. So no clue if anyone is going to see it.

I also have this issue and I reported it to Figma. I got a quick response, that they have filed a bug report for engineering to review. Let’s hope they find a solution!

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Good luck with that, @jussiv. My ticket on the same is marked closed, without fixing.

I experienced the same issues. And it’s not consistent, sometimes it works very fast, sometimes it never works. Sometimes updating the style in the shared library solve the issue. But it’s really annoying. Anyone solved the issue yet?

Does anyone else experience severe lag or unresponsiveness when trying to update colours or text styles from their design library?

Sometimes I have to wait a few seconds before it changes and other times it just doesn’t work at all. This is super frustrating. There will also be occasions when I select to change one colour, and move onto the next element to change that colour, and the change from the first element will apply to the second element because of this lag. Other times it just flat out refuses to change, even with a restart of the app.

Am I the only one who experiences this? Is there any way to fix it?

This is happening to me as well lately – wasn’t a problem a month ago, definitely is now. Changes are slow and often not applied at all.


This is happening to me as well. Any news from Support on this?

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There’s a hidden strategy followed by Figma recently. I got connected with a Figma internal salesperson and he says that I need to buy the Organization plan to apply styles quickly. :man_shrugging:t4: