Anonymous viewers of the /file/ don't see inspect panel, why?

We are trying to roll out Figma across the organisation and our designers fail to properly handoff designs to multiple dev teams to inspect the elements.

Are we supposed to create paid accounts for all the developers? Or are we missing something and there is a possibility for us to let devs inspect designs without a Figma account??

It is impossible to export assets without an account. Your developers need to sign in or register with Figma and they need to have view-only permissions.

Thanks for your response. I’m not sure why you describe the permissions needed to export assets. I am looking for a simple way for everyone with a link to be able to see the paddings en layer names. Very basic stuff they already permitted to see as anonymous, but now with accurate values.

Can I conclude from your message that Figma does not allow basic inspection for anonymous viewers?

Yes, anonymous viewers can only view your design on canvas without accessing the panels. And authorized users can see the Layers Panel, Inspect Panel and Export Panel.

Clear. Unfortunately.

May I ask what the point is for viewing the canvas without the panels? Why even bother viewing if they can’t measure?

I can’t say for sure, but I assume that this is some kind of security measure so that anonymous viewers cannot see comments, leave comments, and export assets. And not everyone with whom you share the file needs to inspect paddings/sizes/colors/etc., copy text data, export assets.

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