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Animation styles to speed up prototyping

When prototyping it would be handy to save certain animation settings as styles (e.g. Slide in, ease out, 400ms).

I find myself having to change animation settings constantly even if I’m only really using 3-5 different animation settings throughout a simple prototype. I have to repeat my actions multiple times. It would be great to have save animation styles (similar to text, color, effect and grid styles) so that one could quickly pick an animation setting you’ve already styled instead of having to recreate it over and over.

An example is setting up one’s own styles like the following that you could easily pick while connecting frames:
‘centered modal animation’ = dissolve, ease out, 400ms
‘bottom modal animation’ = slide up, ease in/out, 300ms
‘tab transition’ = move in, ease out, 600ms

Would anyone else use this or has felt the need for this?

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