Android Export

Hi folks I’m exporting my assets like icons for developers in different sizes like svg,mdpi,hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and xxxhdpi.

I’m using this plugin to export all of these in single click and it exports zip file containing all of these files within it’s separate folder.

But the problem is this is taking too much time to export single icon.

I’ve tried different alternative plugins but they only adjust your Figma export setting and then I have to manually export them and create new folder on my storage for that relevant icon.

Is there any fix for this?

Have you tried reaching out to the plugin creator? I would recommend giving them a poke to see if they can help you work out the problem. You can find their contact info on the bottom right side of the community plugin page.

Yes I’ve commented and mentioned the author but I didn’t get any response yet.

I’ll really appreciate if you can provide any help regarding this.

Hi @Gleb
is there any help you can provide related to this issue?

Don’t use any plugins, use Figma’s default export.