Allow using number Variables for variable font properties (weight, grade, etc.)

The new Variables beta is really nice, but I would love the ability to use number Variables for variable font properties. For example, I like to set the font grade/weight higher for dark mode versus light mode to compensate for visual bleed and improve contrast.

Variables already support modes for light/dark, but adding the ability to use number variables for font properties would be fantastic. Thank you!

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Hi @Anthony_Swierkosz ,
Thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration.

FYI, as variables continues to evolve and grow, our team is also exploring how we want to support typography variables. We want to provide a way to switch between combinations of typography properties, like font families, sizes, spacing. Stay tuned! More info here.


I think it would be just as efficient if we had a style variable so a variable could be linked to a specific style which would allow for font customization for each variable mode. This would be huge for responsive.

This has also been requested here:

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Hello @Celine_Figma! Any update on this?

Anxiously awaiting typography variables to launch :pray:

Hey Jonny, while I don’t have a guaranteed ETA I can share at the moment, be sure that our team is still working on it. Stay tuned! :grinning:

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