Variables on font sizes

I would love to be able to set variables for font sizes.
That way i could define the reduction amount for the mobile versions of our designs.

Set a vaiable of 40px and a mode “mobile” with the value 32.
This would make this kind of conversions a breeze: If a text looks to big, opt for its mobile version. done.


:point_up_2: This!
It would be Sooooo helpful :heart:

Just so that you know, there is already an topic for that. Add the option to set the size of texts in local variables

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C´mon fig guys… You know you want us be able to this:


YES the example above is exactly how we want to set up our variables, but at this stage Figma doesn’t allow text size as variables — what the?!

I came here looking for this! It’s confusing being able to create variables for several elements in a responsive design but not text when it’s the main thing being adapted. Figma, we really need this to work :pray:

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It seems coming soon …

  • Typography variable type: We’re exploring how we want to support typography variables. We want to provide a way to switch between combinations of typography properties, like font families, sizes, spacing.