Allow find in file for "Used in this file" component instances

I manage a pretty extensive design system that uses multiple library files. One thing that is kinda difficult to manage or fix is when components are used from another library. For example, there’s some library updates that have been pushed and my file shows that there’s some components from another library being used in the file, but I haven’t the slightest clue as to where those components are being used.

It’d be dope if there was a link in the update panel to view where the instance is used. Or even some way to swap the instance (let’s say I have a slightly alternate version for that specific library).

It’d probably also be helpful to have it in the Assets part of the sidebar as a “right click” option.

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i too would love this feature. @Figma_Support Can you help with this?

Try using the “Find…” function.

Needing this right now! In early stages of our design system, and it’s all so well organized, but there are these rogue components from some random library someone must have used once. I’ve looked at every single page, and they just don’t exist in this file! Or at least, I can’t find them. Definitely need a way to delete them, disable them, replace them, or find them at least.

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