Allow color variable to be assigned to canvas

Using modes to switch to light and dark, for example, at the project level is great but the issue I am having is that my canvas is always white (#FFFFFF). For designing UI as part of an application or flow, this is fine as it doesn’t affect it, but it is an issue when constructing components in our design system.
Let’s say I have a button component with all of the variants and all of those have variants hooked up. When I switch the project to dark mode, most it becomes invisible until I change the canvas color to a darker color. Ideally, I’d like to have the canvas color hooked up to my variable of background.default so that I can always see components against the surface that they will be displayed.
Having to manually change this is just a pain when testing components in different themes. Simply allowing the canvas colour to take on a variable color would fix this. In the below image, in dark mode my canvas is still #FFFFFF which I need to keep changing.


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