After Delay not working with video layer on components

Hello Figma community!

I’m working on a prototype with video. To avoid my video loading every time and ruining the user’s experience, I figured out that I could create a component. Most of the interactions work, but whenever I add an “After Delay” interaction to set the video to a specific time, the trigger does not work.

To be clear, the trigger works when I’m not prototyping on an interactive component.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Marco, I’m working on a similar project. I want to make a stand alone video player that my peers can drop into their prototypes. I find that any video interactions from within a component don’t work when an instance is placed. If the instance is detached, they can be made to work again. I’m hoping Figma will make it work in components eventually. :frowning:


So this is kind of a known bug? :melting_face:

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