After delay not working in preview

Hey everybody

Im creating a component using “after delay” and even though its not grayed out and i can add it normally, when i go to preview mode, it doesnt work!!

Ive been trying it for a few days now with different components but it never works.

Does anyone know ther reason?


i think it actually start working only after i have the preview page on for like 10 min… which is weir coz i have the dealy after 1ms …

I’ve just had this issue and I’ve figured it out (I think)

Firstly, It’s ony happening in browsers on windows for me. MacOS seems fine.

If the delay is set to a time short than it takes for all the images to load in - then transition wont trigger:

3 work arounds that I can see:

  1. Add an intro frame that hides the loading process, maybe with a “start prototype” button?

  2. Increase initial delay to cover that loading time (not ideal if part of a looping chain of transitions)

  3. Compress images to load faster

None of these are ideal - really, figma should pre-load every asset before it shows the prototype!

I faced the same issue and was looking for a solution. It felt like Figma was going buggy.

I had applied an after-delay transition but it didn’t seem to work in the preview mode.

But then when I was trying to change the settings in preview mode I found a restart button at the bottom right corner, and after clicking it, the after-delay started to work out fine.

I hope this helps if someone faces this problem again.

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