Adding our own web fonts to shared fonts

In our SaaS product, we use custom web fonts for both our main typography as well as an icon font. It would be great to use those in Figma without having to convert, download, and install the fonts as local fonts. This is particularly painful for our icon font.

I want to be able to have these available in Figma as selectable fonts that update as our development team pushes updates to production, instead of trying to coordinate Figma updates after each deployment.

Can we set our account to use webfonts beyond the Google fonts?

Apparently this feature is available if you pay for the “Organization” or “Enterprise” plans:

It’s really annoying that they don’t offer this under the “professional” plan though. I don’t have much use for any of the other “organization plan” features. I just want to be able to share prototypes with people without needing to ask them to install a font first.

Yes and we are on the Organization level plan. We can upload our own font, but we can’t simply link to the our online custom font instead of exporting it to TTF and then importing it to the Figma resources. We have to do that download → upload process every time we make a change to the icon font library.

Additionally, I have been seeing issues with uploading updates to that font where changes to the font are not being reflected in the updated version in Figma. I’ve tried deleting and re-uploading the font and get inconsistent results.

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