Add Visual Tags to Page Names in a File

In the page list view in a file (left column) it would be great to right click on a page name and have a menu of visual tags (icons, emojis, chips) that we can add to the page name in the list view!

Right now, my team is doing this manually via inserting emojis (a gray box for to-do, a green checkmark when completed, an eyeball for ready to review, etc) but if we can just right click and have some sort of visual tag menu for page status/progress that would be super helpful!

There could be an opportunity for further modifications to this system so it is custom to every team, like whether the tags appear on the left or right of a page name, what icons/emojis/chips to use specifically, etc.

This would be a great tool to help teams keep track of page progress without having to manually update the page name every time with text or emojis.

Hey @Nicole_Iriana ,
Thank you for your idea! Do not hesitate to vote up your idea so we can gauge the overall interest in the community :ballot_box_with_check:

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