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Add “Unmask” option to menu instead of “Use as Mask”

Having to use the “Use as mask” option again to release a mask isn’t the most intuitive solution (hence me ending up here to find it out, rather than this being clear in the UI).

It would be great if Figma could detect you’ve got a masked object selected and change the option text to “Release mask” accordingly. Or, to be consistent with the way normal object Grouping/Ungrouping works, perhaps it would be better to always include both “Use as mask” and “Release mask” options in the menu, with whichever one is not applicable to current selection being greyed out/disabled.

At the very least it would be helpful if the current solution could be documented in the Figma help articles on Masks! (example:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Other people have issues with it as well:

Solution, which is not intuitive (unless you are using a shortcut):

My two cents: Having a separate menu item for that is a little bit complicated, because unlike Group/Ungroup, Mask/Unmask have the same shortcut (it’s a toggle). So I think changing the menu title would be ok, however again this won’t be an ideal solution because if you are changing the shortcut for this command, you will have to somehow account for this change, and it’s not always possible with external software. But if there was a native way to change shortcuts in Figma, that would be an ideal.

Thanks for the feedback and additional thoughts. I guess my feeling is that the current mask behaviour isn’t intuitive or consistent with how group/ungroup works (separate commands), though I appreciate that grouping functionality is slightly different.

Interesting to hear about issues with Mask improvement suggestions (#1 separate mask commands, would need additional keyboard shortcut, and #2 Keeping as toggle but dynamically update label text, would break the way keyboard shortcut mapping is currently done).

Perhaps a third option could be to keep it as a single, toggle option but rename the text to “Use as mask / Release mask”? Not very elegant, admittedly.

Oh yea, that sounds like a good idea in my opinion! Maybe even something something like “Toggle mask” to make it shorter (but I would say it’s a bit confusing).