Add the ability to wrap text around objects

+1 for this feature! I need it for anchoring icons, interactive components and emojis anywhere in the text.

Here’s how Adobe InDesign does it - for inspiration (far from perfect, but it is really flexible).

In the video:

  1. I cut the element I want inside the text to my clipboard (ctrl + x)
  2. I move the keyboard cursor to where I want to anchor the element and paste it in (ctrl + v)
  3. I can then move the element wherever I want in the text
  4. I can also change the text wrapping shape and wrapping padding. The padding can also be a negative value.
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I owe you a beer! :beers:

There’s been a couple of posts regarding the ability to wrap text around a shape or component as part of the auto layout feature.

Another way to do this would be for Figma Product to add the ability to indent lines by an inputed pixel value in a paragraph text block (x number of lines - top, middle or bottom aligned), allowing for text to flow around a straight sided shape.

I really need this, but with the icon on the right, when I need to have text and legend icon(s)!

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Can I vote for this again, somehow? :laughing:

Would be so helpful to have this

With clip path you can wrap text around complex shapes on the web which I’ve done before especially to get a “magazine” style feel. It’s also helpful when creating PDFs and such as well such as 1 pagers and what not.

I know Figma isn’t built using HTML/CSS, but I mention it because Figma’s lack of that feature means I can’t really design in a way that let’s other non-Figma experts work with the design easily and swap in and out images or copy or create components. Today, I’ll make components and they can add text, swap instances, and such and create design around a framework I created. Unfortunately, in this case, they can’t and its hacky work arounds as described in the comments elsewhere on the forum.

+1 and voted!

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This would be so useful for inline icons!

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This seems like a slam dunk item to implement. I have to hack this in almost every project and it’s currently hacked in our desgn system.

Promo Headline, Description (Left Aligned); Square Image (Right Aligned)

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.


This is the use-case I’m trying to solve for as well. In my case, I’m trying to pin a blinking text insertion cursor to the end of a text field that wraps.

This is a use case I struggled with today too. I want to create a component with two blocks of text that appear beside each other, with the latter wrapping underneath the first if it gets long enough. The first block of text is optional, with a boolean property to hide or show it.

The first block of text might vary in length, so using paragraph indenting would require manual overrides rather than working “automagically.”

If I have a Multi-line label I am not able to put a tooltip icon at the end of the Label

Would love to have this feature. I have multiple use cases of it with long links which wraps on small breakpoints but the icon needs to be moved manually. To do that I always to do detach the component and then it gets hard to keep track of it.
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 2.07.02 PM

Would really like this feature for inlining icons when I design card games.

Please Figma, this would be such a useful feature. The ability to position an icon inline after the text would be fantastic. This text field component in our shared library gets used thousands of times and manually inserting glyphs is a real pain in the behind.

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