Add text variable to master component's text property

I have created an input component, where lable is a text property. Neither for master component, nor for instances it is not possible to add a text variable for labes as there are text properties.


Agreed. It would be great if a component text property could be set to a variable.

Clarification: I have a library with a text field component where one can set the placeholder text and the filled in text as properties. In my other file, where the library is used, I would like to set the property to a local variable in that file.


Hi @Zhorzhik_Grigoryan and @MattiasK,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and this idea about variables!

The string variable is actually a text field variable. Although, it was designed to cover different languages, it could be used as an extension of the text component property. The only difference is that you won’t have the possibility to add/update text directly in the right sidebar (you will need to open the variable collection to do this) but it would hardly be possible with variables as they’re not meant to cover a single element unlike component properties.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

I guess it boils down to something I read in another thread: the trade-off between creating a designer-friendly library and advanced prototyping.

Let me give another example on when this can occur:

In my (made up) design library, I have a card component with that has a title, an image and some text. The title and text are component properties (strings) so that the designer easily can override those strings without clicking down the layer hierarchy. So in another design file, when creating an interactive prototype, the designer wants the title to be different things depending on which item the user clicked, but since the title is a component property, it can not be set to a variable.


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