Acrobat keeps telling me that PDFs exported from Figma are damaged

Hi, I tried searching for this but couldnt find a answer. My appologies if I missed a thread where this was already discussed.

I’m having issues using the “Export Frames to PDF” function that is built into Figma. When I try to open the PDF in Acrobat, I get a little error pop up that says that “The File is Damaged but it is being rebuilt.” I let Acrobat do it’s thing, but then when I go to the Advanced Optimization setting to compress the file (I’d rather do it this way than use a plugin), It says I need to save the file, but then I cant, because it says that the file is “read only” even though no other instances of the PDF are open.

It’s not a huge deal, and I have found a work around. ( just close the Figma and the PDF and then repoen the PDF and for some reason, I am then able to save the PDF and then use the optimization settings to compress the file).

But it seems a little buggy. Any ideas why this might be happening? Like I said, not a huge deal, just a little annoying, especially when you’re under a crunch, and have to explain the work around to your team mates.