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Absolute position in Auto Layout

I use the Material Design guidelines and use surfaces or card-backgrounds to reuse in my design. So when I change the corner radius, shadow, outline, or even the whole component itself, all elements that use that surface or background will update accordingly.

If you could exclude a layer from an AutoLayout Frame that would already help. So it doesn’t do this:

Auto-Layout is nice, I enjoy not having to resize my background all the time. And it works good for simple buttons, but more complex objects or just having the option to swap out the instance of the background component or deciding one day that I want my top right corners to be cut off at a 45 degree angle are unfortunately not possible.

My concrete problem right now is that I can’t use the states these surfaces or cards have.

Do you have ideas how to solve this problem? I feel like its an oversight or a rushed release of AutoLayout. Especially when it is advised to make components out of everything to keep things atomic.

Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:

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Yes, that would be awesome, and not only that — just general absolute positioning of objects inside of auto layout would be perfect. Simply switch off auto layout for one element and enable regular constraints. It will have to respect constraints as if its parent frame was resized manually, but instead the frame will be resized as auto layout.


I think its part of bigger problem. We need z-index for autolayout so element can be stacked :blush:


Z-index is the layers panel. :slight_smile:


+1 Yes please! I’d like to have this option since day one of switching from Sketch. Autolayout is great but static objects within an AL frame would be awesome. I don’t see any problems with that, just take it out of the AL stack and apply its constraints.

This would be awesome. It seems like this would be a low cost implementation for such a huge win in layout. I agree in treating this as a Support Absolute Positioning in AutoLayout feature. I bet if this was the name of the post this would have a lot more votes right now. I know several people on our UX team have already brought this up internally.


Just changed the title, good suggestion!

Would be great if you could set a layer to ignore the auto layout restraints so it becomes an absolute positioned element.

It would make you a lot less reliant on having a lot of nested auto layout groups.