Ability to Pin Images Using Background Image Syntax

It would be EXTREMELY useful to be able to pin images using typical CSS background-position properties
e.g. background-position: left center
e.g. background-position: top right

We have multiple components in our Design System library that would benefit from this. Currently, we cannot communicate this with developers without annotating it on-page.

It would:

  1. allow the designer to be able to see it in-action in an auto-layout/responsive manner
  2. give the developer the intention of the design inside the code inspector.
  3. allow the designer to not have to design provide a cut image from another program or an image specific frame within the file and communicate which image to export or to use for development.

This gentleman wrote about this exact use case and provided the screenshots of how each should work.

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration.

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