Zooming issue with new release?

I just updated figma this morning and for some reason the zooming is way more sensitive than it was before this update. I am on an iMac (desktop app) and use a trackpad. When I do the same motions as usual, it zooms in REALLY far and the transition is super weird…feels very unnatural. Is anyone else having this issue? It’s still normal on my laptop.


I am experiencing the exact same issue on a macbook pro 2020, and was able to replicate it on a fellow employees’ macbook air 2018.

Zooming with either mouse or trackpad, and scrolling with a trackpad seems to have increased x2 or x3 times in speed. It’s incredibly offputting.


I’m having the same exact issue as of this morning - the panning(/scrolling) and zoom are suddenly extremely touchy. It feels like there’s some sort of acceleration hijacking the natural scroll.

For reference, I’m using a 2020 13in Macbook Pro.

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Hey all thanks for reporting. We’re taking a closer look at this.


what mouse are you using?

I’m using the built in trackpad on the 2020 MBP 13

I’m having the same problem after the last Figma update :thinking:
Using MacBook Pro 2017 and iMac 2020 (with trackpad)

Currently using Figma in browser :cry:

I found something that might cause an issue but i can’t repro. If you send me your email i’ll try to get it fixed for you while we roll out the real (hopefully) fix

I thought it’s just me. I kept fiddling with my Windows mouse scroll settings and it’s still the same no matter the value you set. Mind you the mouse scroll settings is something I won’t touch since it’s perfect. It’s so damn annoying.

Let’s say your current zoom is 48%, one scroll will then increment to 93%, then 198%. It’s never consistent too. Sometimes it’s +15% increment and suddenly +100%.

Hi. Any progress yet?


Hey all, wanted to check in and see if you’re still seeing these issues on Mac?

I am also still having this issue. On a 2021 MBP using the trackpad

Yep, it’s still there

Yup still there

However, it seems as though the accelerated zooming and navigating isn’t nearly as prominent on external displays. I’m on a 1920x1200 Dell, and zooming/navigating seems much more comfortable, while the issue still persists in full force when i drag the Figma app onto my laptop retina screen.

It would be nice to have a customisable zoom increment (like the nudge).
This way anyone could accomodate their specific setup.

Personally, in the meantime, I could live without acceleration or other fireworks.

edit: however it seems that with the MX Master 3 on a MBP/Figma desktop the zoom is smooth.
Looking forward for futher evolutions :slight_smile:

C’mon Figma, it’s June already

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Same problem here :s

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Same problem here. MacBook Pro 2017 and two different third-party mice don’t work. Is there any workaround? Sketch works fine with it…