Zoom without ctrl

How do I scroll horizontally with my mouse???

@Masoud_Ardestani You can horizontal scroll by holding down shift while scrolling.

I agree, i would like to be able to toggle between ctrl+scroll and just scroll.

Why is this not yet prioritized? It was the first thing I went looking for in the settings-menu, but it’s not there.

Please prioritize mouse wheel zooming without requiring a button! Take a look at Miro!


Any updates on this? Still looking for it in 2022. If Figma fixes this they will be miles ahead of Adobe xd, where you have to still hold space bar to move around on canvas.


I came here to upvote this request. Annoying as hell having to hold CTRL for that. Maybe it should be the other way around. Or a simple toggle in preferences to switch between using CTRL for scrolling up/down or zooming in/out. Then everyone is happy.


I’m here to upvote this request.


Hi @VladVladVlad, thanks for highlighting this. I wanted to share how I primarily navigate around the canvas, in hopes that it might help with some of the zooming problems you and many others are experiencing.

Using the hotkeys z, spacebar, and shift + 1 generally covers all of my bases when I’m moving around. I’ve attached a gif to show how I use those three hotkeys together. I generally never use the scroll wheel, and didn’t even realize ctrl + scroll was a thing! (I’m so behind!) But you’re right, it can be so disorienting.


Since I generally know where I want to zoom in on, I always hold down z so I can make my exact selection. The scrolling method makes me a little wheezy. My left hand is pretty anchored on the keyboard, and I don’t have to move my hands around too much.

Another method is to click down on your scroll-wheel as a way to pan (instead of holding down the space bar). I couldn’t capture this in the gif, and not everyone has a clicky scroll-wheel either, but I wanted to share just in case some of you do.

I hope that helps everyone! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions!


it’s really good idea :+1:

Please, give us an option to avoid pressing control when zooming. Its such a pain to do this.


@Clara thanks for showing your workflow, it’s great but also not how other people work, as this thread seems to be very popular.

Please remove CTRL + scroll and just leave scroll to zoom, or at least provide an option to do that.

Currently the wheel scrolls vertically on the canvas, which doesn’t make any sense so it should be a no-brainer.


I learnt two new things.Thank you! Cntrl scroll+ scroll click. WOW

@Clara thats useful information thanks, its an interesting way to navigate around. I agree with the others though an option to avoid pressing control when zooming would make things easier. Would be great if there was some way to integrate this. Thanks

I use a Wacom tablet for design work in Figma, so I don’t find cmd+mouse scroll wheel to zoom very handy. Any UX considerations for Wacom users?
Besides when using the scroll wheel to zoom, often it will be too sensitive (viewport going out of control).
For tablet users I would suggest something similar to what they have in 3D programs, for example hold down Z key and drag up/down to zoom.
I do use the scroll wheel sometimes to scroll long designs, so I wouldn’t want the scroll wheel to default to zoom. So a user pref would be ideal.

Somebody make option for this!!