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Zoom without ctrl

On PC i want to explore figma document with only mouse, but i can’t zoom in/out without keyboard - I have to hold down the Ctrl with the other hand. On a Mac, there is no problem: gestures on the touchpad make zooming convenient.

At the moment we can scroll through a document by dragging it with the left mouse button or by scrolling horizontally, but to scroll horizontally (which is also often used as vertical scrolling) you have to hold down Shift, which is rather illogical for a map-like interface.

Can you add a switch like the existing “Invert Zoom Direction”? That would solve my problem.

This feature was already requested in 2017:



I find it really annoying that a mouse scroll wheel does not zoom. Using ctrl + scroll is a lot slower to use and I never want to scroll vertical on a canvas.


We want zoom without Control.


CTRL + Scroll to zoom drives me insane! Can we please just make the scroll wheel zoom in Figma?


Yes pls!!

Honestly, I wonder how someone with just a hand would cope using figma coz even I prefer using Just one hand to work.
Please! make it so that we can zoom in and out with just the scroll bar, thanks

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I’m thinking that should be a toggle setting.

Designers often consider a design canvas to be like a map and navigable in the same way but most people are reluctant to zoom in documents. Take away the default scroll wheel to vertical scroll mapping and they’ll be disoriented.

I’d definitely have my scroll wheel set to zoom most of the time.

Why is it that this topic is being ignored all the time?
This is the exact same reason i switched from illustrator, because i DO NOT want to hold down a keyboard button to switch a scroll function. Please LISTEN, it is PAINFUL! I DO NOT WANT to hold down a keyboard button. I just want a super simple 3-line-code switch to change the horizontal mouse wheel behavior to ZOOM! It’s done in minutes. PLEASE!

Logi options used to have a setting to change the action to zoom when i scroll, that was the most welcome gift i ever got from an app developer. God Bless them. But guess what Logi options is now gone, instead we have logi options+ and guess what … this feature is now broken. Thanks guys, seriously, the only one thing that actually meters when working in the app, THE ONLY THING… and it’s broken.

Totally agree. There should be an option to switch a mouse input from scroll to zoom.

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Cmon Figma, please give us the option! Taking too long.

I totally agree. What is the reason for not being able to zoom without the ctrl button?

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