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XD to Figma

Hi! Is there any way to import Adobe XD files to Figma for free? Thx

Just copy and paste, it’s as simple as that.

Thank for your response, Lennox, but I mean if is there any way to import XD files into Figma WITH ALL VECTORS, IMAGES & TEXT BOXES.

Yes, you just select all of them, and copy in XD and paste in Figma. As simple as that.

Sorry but the objects I copy in XD (as vectors) and paste in Figma become images.
So, is not an import but a screen shot. Is not useful.

Did you try the File>Export All Artboards feature?
Just drag the SVG into Figma.

Better, now it does import it as vectors, but many elements are spoiled, such as the size of the text boxes or the layer masks. Anyway, it’s better than nothing, thank you very much!