Wrong screen background color in prototype viewing

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the program, and haven’t been able to find any threads here or online that have helped me to figure this out. My designs use a mostly white background, but when viewing in the prototype presentation, they are completely black. My opacity seems to be at 100% too. Any ideas? Thank you for the help!

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I’m having the same issue. My background in a prototype is white, with some green gradients, but in a presentation mode it’s dark, like if I had used a black-green gradient instead of a white one. Could anybody help? Maybe I’m doing sth wrong or maybe it’s just a bug? Thanks in advance for any help!

To be more specific, please share a detailed description, video, screenshots, file link.

I had the same issue where my background was black. I realised that my frame background colour (white) was turned off.

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I had such trouble with this. It’s because the actual phone screen is set to black; reducing the opacity is making it darker because you’re taking the color and making it blend more with the black phone screen. You have to first set a page background color to white, then add a new color and modify that to what you want. This will correct the color scheme to become lighter.

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