Wrong amount on the invoice

I’ve been trying to reach costumer support for weeks (sent already 2 or 3 messages?) but somehow I’m not getting a response.

My original billing amount was $15, but last month it changed to $20 with an extra FigJam seat I never requested or used, and found no way to remove. Since I received no response from Support, I was billed $20, and will be again if nothing changes. I hope this can be solved soon since it’s been pretty irritating do deal with it.

Hey @Mate_Varga ,
Sorry to hear this is happening! The forums are primarily run by the community. Please make sure you have reach out to the support team directly via this form for help with billing (with your email address linked to your Figma account) here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Do not hesitate to send me via DM the email address you used to reach out to the support, I can escalate internally.

Hey @Celine_Doan,

Thanks for writing. The reason I’m reaching out here is that by using the form you linked I haven’t received a reply before, so I found no other way to contact support. I tried the Contact support feature inside Figma too before that and I haven’t received a response there either.

Also, not sure how I can send a DM here to you. :thinking:

Sorry for the late reply, I understand your frustration.

You can send me a DM by clicking in my profile or here : Figma Community Forum - Figma Community Forum and on the top right, click on “Message” to send the DM.

If it still doesn’t work, you can share it here, and I will delete it later to protect your data. Thank you!

@Celine_Doan Thank you, but somehow I don’t have that menu with the Message button available in your profile.

Here is my email address I use with Figma: xxxx

Thank you for the detail!
I have just checked in our backend, and our support team replied you on August 24. Your ticket is number #795188 for your reference. Can you please check your spam folder?

Thank you for checking. I haven’t found it or any other Figma support related messages in my spam folder, nor the inbox folder.

Hmm it sounds odd! Our team has just sent you the reply, please check if you have received it well.
If you haven’t received it , can you please ask your IT team to double check on their end if they don’t have a filter in place? (we don’t see any blocks or bounces on our end).

I’m receiving the message notifications from here to my emails, but not from the support. There are no filters on my email, and I checked all the DNS settings too and everything seems fine. Is it possible to have the support emails sent to an alternate address like (email address deleted due to security and privacy reasons)?

Thank you for the alternate address mail, we have just sent you a message. Please let us know if you have received it well :slight_smile:

Yes I received it and we were able to solve it, thank you for your help, Céline!

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Glad to hear it’s been solved! You are welcome :smiley: