Working with Figma desktop-problem

Some of our designers complain that while working with Figma Desktop app on Mac,
same OS for everyone, licensed , after working for like 10 min or so, the screen of the app turns grey, without the abillity to work, only shutting down the app and reopening helps. but this issue keeps happennening. one solution i’ve implemented is by clearing the cache. and it didn’t seems to work. any ides anyone

this is the window.

Hey @Boris_Zazovsky , sorry for the trouble!
Clearing the cache is a good workaround. Can you please try to re-download the desktop from the downloads page? This should fix the issue:

Can you check and confirm is this also happens in the browser and if it’s affecting all of your files or just one?

If the issue still persists, please reach out directly to the support team for further investigation: here
Please also include in the form the console log (here is how to do it), and a URL to the file, and share it with as an Editor, so the team can take a closer look. Be also sure to use your Figma account email. Thank you!