Why I am recieving the update from the library which I have not Included in the project

I have a foundational library (A) utilized for constructing the design system library (B).

Recently, I implemented modifications in Library A and published the updates. Subsequently, I observed that Library B received the updates, prompting me to synchronize all the changes from Library A to Library B. Which I have synced.

Now, Library B serves as the primary library for my team, and they have exclusively enabled Library B in their projects. However, an issue has surfaced wherein they are receiving updates from both Library A and Library B. I am uncertain whether this is an intentional behavior or if it signifies a potential bug.

How can same changes be shown twice for update as they are already addressed in Library B. And other point is that why they are receiving the update from library which they have not enabled.

Hi Alpesh, Thank you for writing in! If there are elements that come from “Library A” in the file, this sounds like expected behavior based on my testing.

Because even if “Library A” doesn’t add to the file currently, any elements that come from “Library A” will still be prompted to update until you’ve detached them.
The removal of the library only prevents the addition of new elements - it doesn’t affect any elements you’ve already added to the file.

I hope this clarifies things a bit! Let me know if there’s anything else I might have overlooked—I want to ensure I fully address your questions.

Thank you!