Why can't you right click to "duplicate" a file from Community anymore? Why make it two clicks now?

When Community first came out, it was super simple to duplicate the file to drafts. It was right click to show menu of options. Then they changed that to have a “open in new” icon that duplicated the file. Now, you have to go into the file, wait for it to load, then click duplicate. Why did they make it more difficult? I hope I am just being stupid here and completely missing something.

Hi @Sam_Horneff, Thank you for reaching out about the community file. I understand that this situation may seem a bit confusing.

When you click “Open in Figma” on a community page for a design file, a copy of the file will be added to your drafts folder. Each duplicated file from the Community will have “(Community)” added to the file name.
For example, if you click [Open in Figma] button on the Videos in prototypes playground page, you will see a file named Videos in prototypes playground (Community) in your Drafts.

You can find more information about this process in the following link: Duplicate Community files

I hope this clarifies your concern! If you are experiencing any different behavior or if I missed anything, please feel free to let us know. If possible, sharing a quick video recording or screenshot of the issue would be very helpful for our community.