Who can see the source code of private plugins?

Is it the publisher only or org admins also have access to the source code?

What do you mean by source code? If it’s the code that is compiled and published (code.js and ui.html files) — it’s visible to everyone, just like the code of every website (plugins are just like small websites). If you mean the source code before compiling/bundling (in case you are compiling at all) — that code is not available to anyone and it’s not even sent to Figma.

Hi Gleb, how can i access the source code (the code.js and ui.html file of a plugin)? I’ve looked but i couldn’t find it on any plugin.
Could you help please?

Yeah, if the code can be visible to everyone, how can you get access to the code of installed Figma plugins?
I want to be able to see code from other plugins in the community and modify them to my specific needs. Is that possible?

The source code of ANY Figma plugin can be found here:

https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/{{ Plugin ID }}/code

You just need to replace {{ plugin ID }} with the number you can find on the plugin’s official URL.