Where is the locate button when update only 1 instances

When there are 2 or more instances need updates, it will show the “Locate” icon to quickly go to the instances.
But when there is only 1 instance, the button is gone. How can I find that instance in the file? In this case it should have been renamed I can not use Find to find it by layer name.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m asking ‌our team on this matter and will follow up with you as soon as I have any information to share.

Thanks for your patience.


Hello Toku, is there any update on this? Updating complex files after changes to components is now quite risky without being able to locate the instance.

Hi there,

Our engineering team is working on the fix, I will post again if the it’s implemented. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @Phu_Nguyen @Kelly_Dyson

Thanks for the patience. The fix should be implemented. If you don’t see it, please reload the tab or restart Figma app. It’s now worked on my end! Please let us know if it isn’t fixed.

Thank you again.


Hi @y_toku,

I just restarted Figma and it looks like it is working now. Thanks for the fix and for letting us know.

Am I mistaken, or did the screen used to jump to the location of the instance you are updating automatically?

I think I remember that I used to click the arrow to proceed to the next instance, the screen would jump there automatically, I’d review the change and hit the update button, then click the next arrow to jump to the next one. But now I need to click the arrow and then click the locate button each time (which can amount to a lot of extra annoying clicks). I can’t think of a situation where I wouldn’t want the canvas to jump to the instance I’m reviewing to update.

Thank you so much @y_toku, that bug is fixed :tada:
May I ask for one more favor? I will love it if you can do the same to updated effects or styles. Like in the image below: the file is kinda big and I want to change the layer having this style to have one of the local styles, but it is really hard to find. (I have tried a bunch of plugins but no results)

Hi @Kelly_Dyson that behavior is still the same, we have to click the “Locate” button each time, I believe that you misremembered. But I think if that “Next” & “Prev” buttons auto-locate the instances it will help a lot saving a huge amount of time.