What is the measurement unit in the figma UI here?

What is the unit of measurment displayed here for these device types in the figma UI? The internet says figma uses pixels, but that can’t be as an iphone 12 HxW is measured in 1000s of pixels (2532 x 1170 pixels) for example. I think it’s using the px concept, which doesnt’ jive with the pixels concept quite.

It’s a colossal product fail that no measurement unit is displayed.


what the actual fuck! the units aren’t points either as suggested buy figma docs. disappointed

On iPhone 12 to get the actual size of the screen in pixels you need to divide these numbers by 3, so effectively it’s 844x375. And it’s pretty accurate so you don’t have to do a math all the time to understand how big or small your element are going to be.

According to HIG these are points - Typography | Apple Developer Documentation