What is the future of view-only unpaid seats? (Is inspect mode dead?)

Dev mode is cool. But past this year it’ll be a $25/35 per seat paid option. The old “inspect” mode that view-only seats had access to seems to be gone, replaced entirely by dev mode. Does this mean that view-only seats no longer have access to “inspect” i.e., we’re actively regressing in terms of featureset? If so, that’s incredibly frustrating.

I work in an org with a small number of designers and a lot of devs. Many of our devs work in tech stacks and IDEs where dev mode has (as far as I can tell) little utility over the old inspect mode. Convincing the company to increase our bill by an order of magnitude to buy every developer a dev mode seat just to get back the functionality we lost feels bad to me.


I agree, this is a big yikes in terms of pricing and forced subscriptions. I don’t think many devs use Figma tooling to its full extent and they’ll need something seriously better than a broken VScode plugin to convince companies to pay that much for a dev seat. There’s nowhere near enough utility for spending $25 USD per dev.

I just noticed that [Comment], [Properties] and [Export] tabs are there when I signed in with a free account. Also you can measure distance between objects with [Option] key pressed just like we did before Config 2023. It depends on what your dev team needs but I think you would still have access to the most of “Inspect” functionality. well… I hope so :slight_smile:

I asked Figma support the same thing. Their response was:

the ability to copy values, generate code, comment, and export assets will continue to be free for all users, although the experience might look a little different.


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