What happened to the "Can view prototypes only" permission?

Hello dear Community,

As we’re continuously working with clients, our team was really fond of the setting “can view prototypes only”: sometimes we would invite specific people to view a prototype, other times we would allow anyone with the link and password to view the prototypes. This allowed us to be sure not to share the actual design file with the client (sometimes because they wouldn’t need it, or because we would prepare a specific file for the client).

Here is a screenshot I found online for reference:

We recently figured out that Figma updated the Share modal:

So, the text in the bubble seemed clear, but then the settings texts just got me a bit confused, I guess it’s because they use similar wording which might seem contradicting at a first glance (keep in mind my team and I are not native English speakers):

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 16.23.47

Furthermore, we got quite overwhelmed as we’re working with files which are 2+ years old and those are shared with clients, therefore we wanted to check if any settings changed. Some files have this message over the share settings:

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 10.49.57

Do you have any recommendations to follow? Am I the only one who got disoriented from this update? I also looked up on the Figma help platform, the forums and anywhere on the Internet but haven’t found anything specific.

PS: I really hope Figma will create a Best Practice guide page which could be really helpful and inspiring on this matter!

Hi there,

We hear the confusion about the change. According to the release note from May 23rd, the sharing behavior isn’t changed:

4. Prototype sharing: Prototype sharing behavior/policy has not changed, but will be presented through a dedicated prototype share dialog, rather than presented as a role on the main file.

Also, thanks for the feedback. I shared it with our internal team. Please feel free to let us know if you have further questions.


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Real answer: Figma has put the ability to share prototypes without giving access to your editable file behind a paywall. You now have to have a paid plan to use this functionality.

I just found out that this option is suddenly missing at the worst possible timing – during my research team had a meeting with a client and there was no one around to fix the sharing settings :melting_face:

Like you, I didn’t find any Figma help or announcement about it – the only thing I found is your post, so +1 to being disoriented.