What happened to Auto Layout?

Hi guys,
What happened to auto layout? If I create a text field, then a rectangle, then put the text field on the rectangle, select both elements and hit Auto Layout, it works perfectly. If I do the exact same thing, only instead of the text I have a path, a frame, a components (etc.), auto layout doesn’t work any more.

I have a video, how can I share it here?
Thank you

Hi @Cristian_Banu

You can upload a video using the button as shown on the image below (I’m afraid I don’t know what file format are allowed or not but it should work with .mp4)

Hi @Haroll
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I created another post meanwhile, I’m going to remove this as it’s a duplicate. It seems that I can’t remove it, maybe one of the mods can help?
Thank you!