What frame size to use, for designing for a Android Tablet

Hello, I want to do design for an Android Tablet. When I select a frame, under the tablet options, there is only iPad options.

So my question is, I know there is a lot of different Android Tablets out there, but what is a good frame size to use for the average tablet.

As you said, there are a lot of Android tablets out there, which means it’s really hard to choose the right frame size, if there is one at all. Do you have a device at hand? Just pick that one.

With varying screen resolutions, you probably are better off choosing an aspect ratio and working within that frame. Your exports or device should handle the scaling.

Maybe this helps in deciding on the frame size:

It says:

For layout and UX purposes, test on at least the following device types:

  • Foldable (841x701 dp)
  • 8-inch tablet (1024x640 dp)
  • 10.5-inch tablet (1280x800 dp)
  • 13-inch Chromebook (1600x900 dp)
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